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Guess What?

Guess What im taking summer classes

instead of just sitting at home doing facebook or eating too much i’ve decided to take summer classes so that i can exprience the feeling of students taking up their classes in summer instead of just at home. (well on the contrary i have to catch up on some subjects) 😀 well still im alive and i much appreciate that our school has airconditioned rooms 🙂 the bad thing is when you go outside it’s just like a oven cooking your skin >:)


there are times that you want to do something but you couldn’t do it because you’re in your class (actually you always do this)

like surfing,sleeping, etc

and this time (again you’ve done it) I’ve done it (sorry for the repetition)

I don’t know why did i do that (you always do that you lazy couch potato)

maybe my professor was too boring (actually no she is not that boring)

maybe your bored (just maybe)

or your just doing it for ……… i don’t know

if you know what’s up with that may be you can share your voices here (i just like reading your funny reactions about such moments)

hmmmm the next thing i wanna do is to eat while my professor is lecturing (bec. my class is conducted on the laboratory also)

BTW. im blogging still while having class :))) (and we have a machine problem to resolve CIAO)


one upon a time, there was an island where all the feelings lived.
happiness,sadness,knowledge, and all of the others including LOVE.
one day it was announced to the feelings that the island would sink , so all constructed boats and left.
except for LOVE
love was the only one who stayed. love wanted to hold out until the last possible moment.
when the island had almost sunk, love decided to ask for help.
richness was passing by love in a grand boat, love said.
“richness can you take me with you?.”
richness answered, “no i cant. there is a lot of gold and silver in my boat. there is no place here for you.”
Love decided to ask Vanity who was also passing by in a beautiful vessel, “Vanity, please helpme!”.
“I can’t help you Love. Youare all wet and might damage my boat,”
Vanity answered.
Sadness was close by so Love asked for help, “Sadness, let me go withyou.”
“Oh…Love, I am so sad that I need to be by myself!”
Happiness passed by Love too,but she was so happy that she did not even
hear when Love called her!
Suddenly, there was a voice,”Come Love, I will take you.” It was an elder.
Love felt so blessed and overjoyed that he even forgot to ask the elder her name.
When they arrived at dry land,the elder went her own way. Love realized
how much he owed the elder and asked Knowledge (another elder):
“Who helped me?”
“It was Time,” Knowledge answered.
“Time?” asked Love. “But why did Time help me?”
Knowledge smiled with deep wisdom and answered, “Because only Time is
capable of understanding how great Love is.”
this allegory hits me right on the spot 😀 (to the author i owe it to you nice!)

it’s a while since I’ve posted here :)) (as usual this is my OPENING LINE for this kind of post)

well quite sometime I’ve posted a saying “I will be back” well that “will be back” kinda sounds like “will be back after somebody encourages me to post again” which is also a reason why I got energized to post something again 😀

well the question here is:

“What’s Up With Me Now?”

“Why Havent you checked/posted at your blog?”

anyway some cool thing have happened in this very year (which also makes me soooooooo busy)

first at last I’ve found my new HOME (church) im happily serving @ Victory U-belt

second Met new (and great) friends 🙂

Third im getting ready for my subjects (whether failed to pass or truly passed)

well these things make me so occupied for sometime (i think i need TIME MANAGEMENT classes)

hope this will be the start of an exciting post :))

BTW thanks to syv for giving me encouragement 😀 (you can see her blog at it’s a great blog site which shows her natural creativity) 😀

Till Next time 🙂 (hope this doesn’t take months again)

Ciao 😀

I cant believe that I actually won ASUS Philippines Tech Seminar Invite.

that was the things going into my mind while I’m reading the PM sent by a ASUS representative

it was about 2PM in the afternoon I just woke up and started to check my facebook account and I’ve noticed that I’ve received an Personal Message from an ASUS representative (I wont mention his name but a very much big thank you to you Smile ) noting that I’ve won their contest and sending me the details of the said event..

but before that lets go to the “Before Winning” story

It was already 10:30 I think, me and my co-windows7ako community member Robert Cassanova was chatting about the contest at the said community (the prize at w7a was the all new ie9 sport shirt everyone wanting to win) and who will be the winner because we know that the both of us will not win (too many fast hands ready to type in the correct answer) hehe . while that he immediately told me that there was a contest at another community the ASUS Philippines official community . the contest is all about Reviewing their all new mobo’s (motherboards) I immediately agree to join but was alarmed to see that the deadline of submission is on November 7 which is last night so I immediately told my friend that I gotta work on this right now before November 8 @ 12:00 AM at exactly 11:00 PM I fire up my blog writer (I recommend Windows Live Writer- A FREE SOFTWARE FOR THOSE WHO USE GENUINE WINDOWS 7) then starting to get facts about my selected mobo w/c is the ASUS Crosshair IV Extreme. after reading related reviews my mind juices are getting full I immediately type all of that in my blog my old blog I’m on time pressure I only have 59 mins to finish and post this blog. at exactly 11:40 PM I’ve finished my blog and post it immediately then I talked to God I’ve said to Him “God sana makuha ko to Smile “ even though saying SANA is not good in prayers I believe that God Heard my prayers and it did!

when I got the PM of the the details I immediately gone crazy for a minute or two shouting “Thank you Lord!” jumping and screaming. and that’s it im getting ready for that seminar Smile again Thank You ASUS Philippines and Thank you Lord for this wonderful opportunity

the conclusion of the tech seminar will be posted tomorrow

BTW – all post from will be now moving at this blog as the old blog will be unused Smile


It came to my knowledge that I’ve not posting that much at this blog, I think that the last time I’ve posted is about the topic of the application called “Dev C++” ….. so far the reason why this blog gets too many cobwebs or getting dusty is because… im too much busy, from school to friends to other things (good thing that my grades are up..what a reward)

I’ve decided to get into blogging again because of some of my friends are in to blogging Smile …..


for now eventhough It’s our semestral break im that busy to maintain my blog Smile but surely I will find time to post some topics as soon as i ‘m free

then again I’m getting this blog up and running again Smile perhaps as the title says “New Post, Old Blog” as this is a new post but im posting it on a old blog as this blog is getting a REBOOT

March 26, 2010 (pre story hahah)

My most special day! why???? it’s because i attended my very first seminar and not only that it is a MSDN sponsored seminar! yes MSDN and also my first time to go to Microsoft Philippines HQ @ 6750 ayala

March 24, 2010

Kuya Ryan my friend at Windows7ako community fanpage contacted me via YM inviting me with kuya euffer and kuya miyer to come at a seminar. i immediately agreed to tag along with them besides i know it will be a good one and i will learn more about things concerning programming/developing … at that time i feel excited because i will meet new friends and see my kuyas 😀

March 25, 2010

i came home early excited to come …. i sleep early and get ready for the big day (A VERY BIG DAY) … text them before sleeping:D

March 26, 2010

(THE BIG DAY) i woke up early… while i was getting ready to go to school first because i need to pass my requirements… i got off home about 1.30 in the afternoon.. while going traffic struck me on the way to espana ….i spent almost 2 hours and 30 mins in the bus (Good Thing I only ride air con busses).. im worried that i may not pass my requirements on time… but finally i’ve arrived at school… i immediately search for my professors… after that i leave and go to a printing shop to print the Claim mail of my prize (A Bing Supposed windows7 lunchbag :D)..then im off to go… i rode a LRT and an MRT (It is my first time to ride on a MRT to ayala) then i texted kuya eufer i’ve texted him “Kuya pag nd2 na aq sa ayala txt kta” he said “kk c u “ when i check the time it is almost 6.00PM the meeting time im praying “sana umabot aq !!” finally i’ve arrived at ayala station kuya eufer texted me “and2 kme BK” something like that…i was kinda lost because although i been to makati-ayala area a couple of time i didn’t know my way in glorietta (too many annexes 1-5) i’ve asked my way to the guard and finally arrived at burger king glorietta (the official meeting place of W7A) and saw kuya eufer,ryan and miyer..after some chit-chat we got off and go to ayala tower 6750.. we’re kinda late because the call time was 6PM 😀 but thankfully some participants are also late so we got a chance to chit-chat a little more and for the two of us kuya miyer and me a chance to claim our prizes kuya miyer said “last day na ng claiming ng prize ko hahaha“ it was already about 6.30 estimated when the seminar started the it was all about the all new ASP.NET 4.0 (new for me) i only knew c++, c#, .net, and a little ASP.NET so i can say i understand some of that… while the host is lecturing i was taking up notes (to be posted here tomorrow because i need to ask if it is ok to post that)…while my kuyas kinda act as trolls they tell me that im the troll because i’ve asked a question that ignited other persons to ask more questions delaying our dinner :)) (also i acted as one at the second half)…after some interruptions the food was served (yummy fish tofu with i think tausi sauce) we ate and chit-chat again 🙂 talking about secret thing :)).. the comes the last part… i and kuya miyer said “rami pah ng food take home tau” he said i also said “maya2 nah nakakahiya”… then comes the time when it my turn to be a troll (I’ve lost my concentration in the lecture)…after all we need to be trolls for a day…it is already 8.30 i think when the seminar ended…before that we chit-chatted again, get some “baon” (do you notice I’ve said chit-chat a couple of time already :))) and  parted our ways… kuya ryan was separated with us and the three of us eufer,miyer and me just to be in a coincidence that we are in a same area of way (Quezon City) and we ride a MRT and after that kuya eufer also parted with us .. while i and miyer rode a taxi i was a little shy because i’m kinda not comfortable being treated to anything from a new friend i’ve said.. then he said “gus2 ko makasigurado…ok lng un aq n bahala” pointing to his lappy we also chit-chatted at the cab finally we said our goodbyes and left…when i arrived at home i was very tired … but the price of that is the enjoyment i feel, the knowledge i’ve earned, and the joy of new friendships 🙂

thanks for Kuya Christopher Ryan Abary , Kuya Eufer Pasion, Kuya Miyer Bernabe and others i’ve meet @ that event

Hope to see you guys and work with you


GodBless you all and Windows7ako!!



Proudly Windows 7 Ako!  

ohhh. after how many months nakapag-blog nah ulit aq hehehehe…naka-DSL nah aq kaya i can blog all the way nah…kahit BC :)…haissst masaya naman aq at ng GF koh…hehehe…

mag-almost 1 year nah plah to di nbbuksan hehehe…next tym im gonna post sum pics to share hehehe..

uhm e2 mu nah sa ngyun…wag sana tamaan ng katamaaran hahaha :))

Im back

ei sa tagal naman inalikabok nah etong blog koh nah to hehehe wla magawa eh hehehe e2 maxaya nah aq

college nah aq hahaha…..
hahaha inquire pah aq fit————-st hahaha yun lng munah hehehe
cge e2 munah hahahaha nxt bog nalng 

hi ul8

hayyy tagal din aq hindi nakapg blog hehehe inalikabok nah site koh hahahah!!!!!!!

di nah ntuloy yung huling blog bago ito hahaha

wla magawa SCHOOL sometimes SuCKS sometimes NOT
ewan koh

hirap din plah ng HaySkul hehehe wat else pah kung college nah DB????!!!!

wla umiikot lng buhay koh sa katamaran hahaha joke lng minsan-minsan lng naman hahahaha

tumaba nah aq masyado hahaha hirap nag magpapayat hahaha i nid to shave nah din i’m getting older nah eh hahahaha

joke lang hayyyyy

how many years pah bago aq magtabaho hahahaha tgal pah


wla pah aq pang luho!!!!!

e2 muna enjoy koh munah christmas vacation koh hahahahaha!!!!!!