Hi! I’m felix 🙂 Living in this world for 19 years straight!

I’m residing here in my home country the Philippines

I like Technology and thus making me a techie person

i have lots and lots of gadgets 🙂 (well not actually) i only have a laptop and a smartphone, no more no less but i want to tinker and enjoy every new gadget as i play with it even with the means of going to a concept shop and giving a try makes me happy

i also like to cook, take pictures (im an amateur photographer),fix and maintain PC (my primary hobbie and i earn from it), watch movies , and finally now Blogging 🙂

im also part of the windows7ako community as a member 🙂 (you can like them at www.windows7ako.com clicking that will put you straight to the windows7ako facebook page)

hey and im can be easily reached if you have tech questions, suggestions or things you want me to review you can PM @ felix-blast2@hotmail.com or my twitter just search geekydreams 🙂