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In A Oven :D

Im right here sitting and typing this blog and chatting a friend. but doing this on a HOT SUMMER DAY can be too much tiring (trust me) even thinking about something can make you tired. just think this as if your In A Oven and cooking your Brain out thinking about something (well good thing i always have my tumbler :D) anyway i had to pause typing and so far this is day 2 of this post 🙂 (talk about such a pause and why does a short post have to be done in 2 days) :))

i hate to admit it but this summer will be the worst one well just the weather not the plans for summer :)) cause i have so many plans to have 😀

well im still cooking out my brains out 😀 wahhhh :))


there are times that you want to do something but you couldn’t do it because you’re in your class (actually you always do this)

like surfing,sleeping, etc

and this time (again you’ve done it) I’ve done it (sorry for the repetition)

I don’t know why did i do that (you always do that you lazy couch potato)

maybe my professor was too boring (actually no she is not that boring)

maybe your bored (just maybe)

or your just doing it for ……… i don’t know

if you know what’s up with that may be you can share your voices here (i just like reading your funny reactions about such moments)

hmmmm the next thing i wanna do is to eat while my professor is lecturing (bec. my class is conducted on the laboratory also)

BTW. im blogging still while having class :))) (and we have a machine problem to resolve CIAO)