it’s a while since I’ve posted here :)) (as usual this is my OPENING LINE for this kind of post)

well quite sometime I’ve posted a saying “I will be back” well that “will be back” kinda sounds like “will be back after somebody encourages me to post again” which is also a reason why I got energized to post something again 😀

well the question here is:

“What’s Up With Me Now?”

“Why Havent you checked/posted at your blog?”

anyway some cool thing have happened in this very year (which also makes me soooooooo busy)

first at last I’ve found my new HOME (church) im happily serving @ Victory U-belt

second Met new (and great) friends 🙂

Third im getting ready for my subjects (whether failed to pass or truly passed)

well these things make me so occupied for sometime (i think i need TIME MANAGEMENT classes)

hope this will be the start of an exciting post :))

BTW thanks to syv for giving me encouragement 😀 (you can see her blog at it’s a great blog site which shows her natural creativity) 😀

Till Next time 🙂 (hope this doesn’t take months again)

Ciao 😀