I cant believe that I actually won ASUS Philippines Tech Seminar Invite.

that was the things going into my mind while I’m reading the PM sent by a ASUS representative

it was about 2PM in the afternoon I just woke up and started to check my facebook account and I’ve noticed that I’ve received an Personal Message from an ASUS representative (I wont mention his name but a very much big thank you to you Smile ) noting that I’ve won their contest and sending me the details of the said event..

but before that lets go to the “Before Winning” story

It was already 10:30 I think, me and my co-windows7ako community member Robert Cassanova was chatting about the contest at the said community (the prize at w7a was the all new ie9 sport shirt everyone wanting to win) and who will be the winner because we know that the both of us will not win (too many fast hands ready to type in the correct answer) hehe . while that he immediately told me that there was a contest at another community the ASUS Philippines official community . the contest is all about Reviewing their all new mobo’s (motherboards) I immediately agree to join but was alarmed to see that the deadline of submission is on November 7 which is last night so I immediately told my friend that I gotta work on this right now before November 8 @ 12:00 AM at exactly 11:00 PM I fire up my blog writer (I recommend Windows Live Writer- A FREE SOFTWARE FOR THOSE WHO USE GENUINE WINDOWS 7) then starting to get facts about my selected mobo w/c is the ASUS Crosshair IV Extreme. after reading related reviews my mind juices are getting full I immediately type all of that in my blog http://unseendarkness.blogspot.com my old blog I’m on time pressure I only have 59 mins to finish and post this blog. at exactly 11:40 PM I’ve finished my blog and post it immediately then I talked to God I’ve said to Him “God sana makuha ko to Smile “ even though saying SANA is not good in prayers I believe that God Heard my prayers and it did!

when I got the PM of the the details I immediately gone crazy for a minute or two shouting “Thank you Lord!” jumping and screaming. and that’s it im getting ready for that seminar Smile again Thank You ASUS Philippines and Thank you Lord for this wonderful opportunity

the conclusion of the tech seminar will be posted tomorrow

BTW – all post from http://unseendarkness.blogspot.com will be now moving at this blog as the old blog will be unused Smile